Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Atomic Robo Finale!

Tonight, after a long time of not reading together, we read Atomic Robo V1 #6; the end of the first miniseries, and the second part of the Unearthed story, where Robo fought his old enemy Helsingard. The fight was underground, and his friends, the Action Scientist (including Jenkins) where captured.

Robo wasn't doing very good in the fight; all his plans were being thwarted by Helsingard. In the end, Jenkins wasn't actually captured (the other Action Scientists thought one of the machines had eaten him), and he helped Robo defeat Helsingard. Helsingard's brain was in a robot; but it ended up splattering itself against a wall. However, this wasn't the end, as we're shown that in Iceland, Helsingard had other brains and robot bodies ready.

In the short backup story, we see how Robo meets Jenkins. Jenkins is the last survivor from an attack by vampires from the vampire dimension. Robo saves him, and they get out of there, guns blazing. This was a very good comic; both stories, I liked both the writing and the art. My favorite part was when we saw that Hellsingard had a backup plan, and something named "Projekt: Vormachtstellung", which apparently means "Project: Supremacy". That is a bit worrying... but that's a tale for another time... next up in this blog, something from DC Comics... and the next indie book we read will be Doctor Who.

Professor Dinosaur out!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Spidey Adventures!

Tonight was Marvel night, so we read Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #1. Spider-Man was looking for a New York Supreme Court judge that was actually in the mob's payroll. The story was being narrated by Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's ex-girlfriend, whose father is a police Captain.

She was interviewing people to learn more about Spider-Man, for a school paper. People told him a lot of different things about Spidey, mostly crazy stuff, like him being a robot, an alien, or an immortal being.

Spider-Man's had a plan, his new girlfriend called the cops and the reporters, and he attacked the place where the mobsters had the judge holed up. He pretended to be injured while fighting the bad guys, and provoked the judge into grabbing a gun and coming after him. That's when he lead them all to the door, and into the hands of the cops.

This was a nice issue, great art, and nice characters. Thank you all for reading.

Professor Dinosaur out!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Legion Double Pack!

We're back! Sorry about the absence, I don't know if we'll be able to make it nightly, but we'll try to post more often. Tonight was DC night, and we found out we had a review written that we hadn't posted! So this is a double-Legion-whammy night! Some weeks ago wee read Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #2. The Legionnaires were returning home from recruiting their newest member, Timber Wolf. He's like half wolf, half human, with claws and fangs that could take off my head... if he was a villain.

While they were jumping into warp, they were attacked by lunar leeches, big metal creatures that suck out energy from the ship. They defeated them by having Brainiac 5 channel Lightning Lad's power through the ship's hull. The ship was damaged, and they had to land on an asteroid to fix it. Timber Wolf was nervous because the ship was going too fast, and he had to puke; but he was also anxious because he couldn't help with fixing the ship or fighting in space. However, when a lunar leech attacked Brainy, TW was able to let loose and fight it, thanking Brainiac for what he'd done for him in the past.

I liked this issue, very good art, very good scenes, very good colors, and excellent characters. My favorite character in this issue was Brainiac 5, he's from Colu, a planet where everybody's very smart... they even know the square root of 8000.

Then tonight we read Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #3. The Legion was in Ixion, a dwarf planetoid inside Neptune's orbit, conducting Legion Tryouts, to get new members. Different heroes tried out, like Two-Header, Polar Boy, Porcupine Pete, and Invulnera-Boy, but none of them made the cut. I don't know why they rejected Polar Boy, he has a great power, he can freeze stuff that others can break in millions of pieces afterward. He should be made a member of the Legion, I'd like to have that power... and also the power to make Earth shake.

The tryouts were almost over, but then Infectious Lass showed up. Her power is to infect people with any disease she wants. She infected all the gang with a virus that made he switch powers! Saturn Girl had Superman's powers, and Superman's hers! Brainiac 5 had Infectious Lass powers, and she had her 12th level intelligence! Timber Wolf had Phantom Girl's powers, and she was all hairy and animal like him! Everybody switched powers... and a Khund strikeforce showed up!

The Khunds said that they would defeat the Legion and put them to work in slave pits, and then conquer all of the United Planets. The Khunds had special power inhibitor restraints, each built for a specific Legionnaire. Infectious Lass, using Brainiac 5's intelligence, had a plan, to let the Khund's capture them. Once in the Khund ship, as each was wearing restraints for their usual powers, escaping was easy. They fought the Khunds, but ultimately defeated them when Brainiac 5 used Infectious Lass' powers to send a stomach flu virus that only infected Khunds through the ships ventilation shafts. Luckily, the power shifting virus was only temporarily.

This issue was cool, I liked Polar Boy's powers, and Invulnera-Boy's powers, a very powerful force field that pushed people away... but he didn't know how to control it. The story was good, and the art is very well pencilled, and very well colored... great characters.

Professor Dinosaur out!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Attack Of The Cyborgs!

After a few days, here are, with indy night. It was the turn for Atomic Robo V1 #5, and Robo went to a castle with a lot of rotting wood doors, an old base for his arch-enemy Helsingard. He found a lot of machines, and in particularly, a room with a lot of tanks with displays that said "AWAKE".

The tanks had cyborgs inside, and they started attacking. His action scientists started fighting the cyborgs, and the most effective weapon was the lightning gun... but then Helsingard showed up, and said it was time for Robo to die.

There was a second, shorter story, in which Robo fought an enemy in a mental battle. Robo's mind was in the shape of a cloudy woman, and he lost his arm... but only in his mind. The cloudy woman mind was very funny.

Good night,
Professor Dinosaur

Monday, 24 May 2010

X-Men: First Class (Second Time!)

Tonight was Marvel night, an we read X-Men First Class #1. The X-Men went to the botanical garden, and a plant attacked them, but it didn't want to attack them. It turned out it was a creature that was under the artic ice, and some researchers were about to hurt it with a drill... and it just wanted to live off the rest of its life.

Professor X used his powers to contact the creature, and they learned what happened. It had like tentacles but made of plants, and eyes, many eyes.

The story is told by Bobby, or Iceman, writing a letter to his mother. In the end, he broke the letter, because it was full of information that someone might read and find out what really happens at Xavier's School.

My favorite part was when they fought the plant, and my favorite character was Professor X. I like him because he has mind powers, and used them to communicate with the creature.

Good night,
Professor Dinosaur

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Aw Yeah, Disco!

This was DC night, so I chose Tiny Titans #4. First, Robin was followed by a lot of birds, robins. He asked Raven for help on how to get rid of them, but her advice didn't work. Beast Boy then went to the dentist, and when the dentist asked him to open wide, he turned into a T-Rex, and scared the doctor, who had to cancel his next appointment.

There was also a story where Wonder Girl and Bumblebee babysit the Little Tiny Titans. Wildebeest was very dirty, and while the older girls went to get stuff to wash him, cloth him and feed him, Miss Martian actually took care of that. The last story had Robin with a disco suit, calling himself Nightwing. Everybody asked him if he was going dancing, or if it was a skying outfit.

My favorite part was when Wildebeest got his make-over, and my favorite character in this issue was Wildebeest too.

Good night,
Professor Dinosaur

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Join The Circus!

Tonight was Marvel Night, so it was the Avengers turn again, specifically, Avengers: The Origin #2. Hulk joined a circus, because he was hiding in one of their trailers, but the circus people were nice to him. The other heroes learned through Thor that this seems to be Loki's doing, because of their siblings rivalry... Loki is the god of strife, chaos and lies...

Thor and the other heroes couldn't agree, and they didn't believe that he was a real god, so he left to deal with Loki on his own. So, the other heroes were going to use Iron Man's tech to boost Ant-Man's helmet range to talk to ants all over the country, to find Hulk.

My favorite part in this comic was when Hulk was found by the circus folks, and they took him in because they all had in common that they were very much like Hulk, because they didn't fit in elsewhere.

Good night!
Professor Dinosaur